ARCO/Murray Completes New FedEx Ground Home Delivery


Tampa, FL – ARCO / Murray Construction Company announced today the completion of a 175,000 square foot industrial renovation for FedEx Ground Home Delivery on West Knollwood Road in Tampa, Florida.

Converted from a cigar distribution center, the West Knollwood location is the largest FedEx Ground Home Delivery site in the United States with a capacity of more than 100 FedEx vans. The facility includes a state-of-the-art automated scanning and sorting system, making it one of the most efficient in the FedEx portfolio.

The complex construction consisted of removing a two-story 10,000 square foot mezzanine and retrofitting the existing building to support the weight of the roof without interrupting the mainstream construction. It also included the demolition of a 7,000 square foot walk-in humidor which was transformed into the office and maintenance space for the new facility.

“Tampa Bay is growing into a logistics hub with the addition of retail and industrial warehouses and the country’s best distribution centers,” said Gavin Wanstreet, ARCO / Murray project manager. “The renovation of the FedEx Ground Home Delivery center was an interesting challenge and I’m pleased we were able to retain a part of our community’s history as a cigar city while building a facility that will serve FedEx for decades.”